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To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo...that is my eternal question...

Posted By yiddidea on Aug 21, 2007 at 8:56PM

Pardon my rambling thoughts...

Okay, so I am a very visual, artistic person who has been fascinated with tattoos for a long time. I actually lived above a tattoo parlor in Philly and almost went in numerous times to get one, but could never commit. I have recently become obsessed with LA INK which has reinvigorated my thinking about getting a tattoo. Seeing the talent and artistic brilliance that these top notch tattoo artists have makes me want to finally go and do this. I always wonder if I will regret it once I do it though...

For me a tattoo would need to have a serious meaning to me. If I am permanently branding myself I want that image to be important to me forever. The image would also need to be artistically brilliant. The coolest tattoo I have seen to date was on a friend of mine in Philly. He was a big burly guy who had huge arms. On his forearm he had the Ants Drawing by M.C. Escher in full color.

Ants - M.C. EscherAnts - M.C. Escher

I have been a huge M.C. Escher fan since I was a kid (hence my profile pic), so this tattoo just knocked me out. I have a job where I couldn't have a large tattoo in a visible location like that though.

For the longest time I invisioned that I would get a tattoo with the taurus symbol intertwined with another taurus symbol to represent my twin and the capricorn symbol to represent my older sister.

The relationship between me and my sisters has been the most important of my life. As for the zodiac symbols, as much as astrology is usually insane, the traits typically associated with the Taurus fit me to a tee. I also love the graphic look of the symbols.

Recently I have thought about getting a fleur de lis to represent Louisiana. Over the past few years I have been introduced to the culture, music and people of Louisiana and have fallen in love. I have met the most amazing people and had some of the best times of my life. My two best friends I have met through a Louisiana music artist and my friendship with these two women has truely been life changing. If I was to get a fleur de lis I would want it done in black and white with a graphic background.

If only I could afford to go to LA and have one of the artists at LA INK do it for me!

There wasn't much of a point to this blog beyong sharing my tattoo dreams. Maybe one day I will bite the bullet and go through with it.

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Adorable Shopping Outfit

Posted By Purse-aholic on Aug 9, 2007 at 1:03PM

I just love the whole vibe of this outfit. It's stylish, laid back, and hot hot hot!

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Random Kat Facts

Posted By Purse-aholic on Aug 7, 2007 at 12:08PM

You just can't get enough of Kat, the Queen of Portraits. Well, today is your lucky day, buddy. We sat down with her and collected all the info that hard-core fans would wanna know.

1. Kat Von D stands for Katherine Von Drachenberg (my father is of German descent).

2. I speak fluent Spanish. It is my first language.

3. I dropped out of school, but I do not want to glorify that at all. I faced many, many downfalls.

4. My favorite tattoo artist is Kore Flatmo, who is based in Cincinnati. He tattooed the eyeball on my hand.

5. I am obsessed with photos of downtown L.A.

6. I have a brother and sister. I am close to both of them, and I have tattooed them both.

7. I have a tattoo portrait of my sister on my left arm.

8. I came to America when I was 4. I was born in Mexico.

9. Both of my parents are Argentinean.

10. The first tattoo I ever did was on a 14-year-old friend. It was of a Misfits skull.

11. In 2005, I got a chance to tattoo the Misfits drummer.

12. I love platform heels from the ‘70s.

13. I go to the movies all the time.

14. Favorite movies: The Devil’s Rejects, Zoolander, anything with Will Ferrell, Immortal Beloved, The Last Unicorn, Spinal Tap and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures.

15. Music is a huge part of my life. It influences my dress, my work … everything! I like everything from the New York Dolls to Slayer.

16. I love steak.

17. I never wanna have babies.

18. My favorite band is Motley Crüe. Seriously. But my favorite songs are by Beethoven.

19. My favorite Motley Crüe song is "Starry Eyes"; it's why I have stars on my face.

20. I own three pianos. One is in Dallas and the other two are in Hollywood.

21. I wear hair extensions (my hair is about shoulder length).

22. I love heavy metal, everything from glam to power metal.

23. I’m obsessed with Scandinavia, especially Finland. (I love the bands from there. I tattooed a Finnish band named Him and another named Bam Margera.)

24. I love glitter.

25. I own two sphinx cats (the hairless cats). One is named Hollywood and the other is Lebowski (Holly and Leebo).

26. I own a house in Dallas. I go there about once a month to tattoo.

27. I live in Hollywood, right in the center of everything. I can see the Chinese Theater from my apartment. I love L.A. and can’t see myself living anywhere else.

28. I love skateboarding. I skateboard to work all the time.

29. I am obsessed with Beethoven, and I have been playing classical piano since the age of 7. I love that Beethoven was a hopeless romantic, that he left everything he owned to the mysterious immortal beloved.

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